Welcome to Blood Red Roses

Blood Red Roses (BRR) is a low fantasy Live Action Role-Play (LARP/LRP) system based in the South West of England, near Exeter, Devon.

Our fictional setting is inspired by the War of the Roses and many fashions, styles and attitudes in the game are taken from this period. As a player, you can choose a character from any walk of life within the setting.

The world of Blood Red Roses is a dark fantasy version of our own and is set in the fictional state of Algundy, part of The League and under the rule of Archduke Harold.


Algundy has been torn by civil war, facing many enemies both foreign and domestic, mortal and other-worldly. This is a land of violence and humanity, where even the best of people can fall from grace.

Alchemists advance the use of terrifying new weapons, using their closely guarded knowledge of a new ‘black powder’.

Magic exists, hiding in the shadows where it is shunned and feared, with its evil practitioners hunted down by the faithful of the Church of the Grey Lady.

The Lost walk the land in many terrible and horrific forms. These poor souls remain trapped in this world, unable to find peace even in death.

And far to the East, The Evil encroaches, reaching with unseen tendrils into the hearts and minds of people The League over.

Into this world we invite you to bring a hero or villain of your own creation…

Here, you will be able to find all you need to know about our events - what you should bring, how to play and the best ways to contact us if you have any questions. You can also find more detailed information about our game setting and a walkthrough for creating your own character.